Alien 2

“Alright class, can someone tell me what 1 + 1 is” Mrs. Dooklberry said, our sub. “Ya, it equals window, like you” a kid said, other kids started to laugh. Her face turned red ” well then go to a window” she said as she picked him up and threw him out a window “I will make sure to give you flowers for your marriage you and the glass” she said. All of a sudden, she took off her face which was a mask of a alien, but this time, they were bigger. “One of my leaders is here” he said as doors opened up to one of the leaders, when they walked through, it was a human! ‘Wait a minute, I know you” I said ” it’s big bird!” I yelled ” well, your dangerous” he said to me “take them to the dungeon” he told some aliens. I knew I had to do something, I grabbed an aliens blaster, shot the aliens, and pointed my blaster at big bird. “Well that small blaster won’t stop you from this” he said pointing a spoon at me ” uh dude thats a spoon” I said to him. “oh, I mean this” he said pointing a bigger blaster at me “your defenseless against …” he didn’t get to finish from the shot of my blast. “Hey, I didn’t get to finish” he said “well guess what I uh, you know what, I don’t have a good comeback” I said to him, then I shot him. I looked up, “that’s where I’m going” I said looking at a huge ship. I was running to the ship when I got tired, I went  into an abandoned house to rest “ding dong” went the doorbell I opened it up and it was one of the leaders, Elmo, “Your de-“He didn’t get to finish because I slammed the door on him, he got stuck in it . All of a sudden, I teleported, ‘what the, creepy, but cool at the same time” I said. ” So, your the one that destroyed my leaders, eh” he said “ya” I said to him “well you’ll never find out who I am” he said.  “Oh ya” I said to him, I blasted his cape off ” it’s, Justin Bieber!” I said “ya that’s right, its me” “I’m not surprised” I said to him. “Well you’ll never defeat this ship it’s impossible nothing can…” he said “unless its the self destruct button right next to me” I said to him. “Well you will never get out of here because theres only 1 parachute and-” he said I jumped out with it, the ship exploded with him. I landed on the ground safely and then I went to my house to rest.

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