Alien 4:not dead

“Ow” I said as I woke up, “holy cow, I’m falling towards Earth!” I yelled as I was waking up. “This should be in the worlds records book” I said, then I realized that I hadn’t burned up because of the armour. “Oh now you work!” I yelled while skydiving next to some people, “hey can I borrow this for a second” I asked them as I took off their parachute. When I landed, I kissed the ground, then I teleported back to the ship, “oh come on” I yelled. “You see, you can’t escape me, but yo-” he didn’t get to finish from that explosion. “oh, what happened” he asked me “glad that your yourself again” I said to him. I headed for the escape pods, when I was about to escape, I heard someone say “wait.” I looked behind me and saw Justin trying to run to me, but he kept on falling down from him sagging, “come on Justin, just pull up your pants or ditch the pants.” He was about to make it when I closed the door on him, “open up” he said, I launched the pod and went FAR from the ship! When I landed, I looked at the town to see if anything happened, places were on fire, people were running yelling “help”, and people tried to evacuate or commit suicide. “Nothing went wrong” I said as I headed to town.

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