The Odd Locker 3:Revenge

*2 days after adventure* nothing has been going on since I destroyed the leader, I got off the bus with my best friend, Billy Bob, “so remember those weird robots from that party.” He asked me, “ya” I said to him, “I gotta go to the little boys room” he said to me as he ran off, but I could tell because his pants turned from white, to yellow. I was walking when all of a sudden, 2 robots came out of know where and threw me into a sack. I tried to get out, but I couldn’t, one of the robots threw a portal and jumped threw it, the other one was about to when Billy Bob came back. “Hey, your one of the robots from the party” he said, the robots pointed its arm at him and shot him. He disintegrated before he could hit the ground, then it jumped through, one of the robots threw me out of the sack. “Oof” I said as I hit the ground, when I got up, I looked around to find a someone looking at me. “So, your the one that killed our leader, eh” he said to me, “ya, hey are you canadian because you said eh?” I asked him. “No, were on a different planet” he said, “well have you ever been to canada, because if you haven’t, try the maple syrup, its so good” I said. “Well anyways,I’m in control now, and I will not let you live” he yelled “dude, in door voices, were in a echoey room” I said to him. “Well, what do you want from me” I asked him “you dead and your planet taken over” he yelled. “guards, disintegrate him” he yelled to the robots “like I said, in door voices” I said to him, the robots pointed their arms at me and were about to shoot me when I ducked. They ended up hitting each other, I grabbed a blaster and pointed it at him. “Why not teleport to Earth like those 2 robots did” I asked him “because, we can’t teleport, and those 2 were the only robots that lived, plus your their” he said to me “fair enough” I said to him. He pulled out a mini blaster and shot mine “oh come on” I yelled, then 2 robots grabbed me, “throw him in jail” he said as they threw me into jail. “now to invade your planet” he said to me as he left *5 minutes later* a robot got a message from their new leader, the robots pointed their arms at me and shot their blasters, but I dodged it and it hit the wall, I quickly ran off to the hangar. “Ship leaving in 1 minute” said the monitor, I got to the hangar, but the ship started to leave. I grabbed a parachute and jumped, then I found out it was a hologram, so I ended up face planting the ship, when I got inside, it was huge, I was walking when a robot hit me out of know where and then everything went black!

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