The Strange Man 2: Welcome aboard

“Oh, where am I?” I asked myself as I got up to see where I was. “Your trapped in my ship in a cell” said a mysterious man looking at me, “who are you” I asked him “that’s none of your business” he said to me. “Well, I’m warning you, back off or I will-” I then noticed that my cube was gone, “are you looking for this” he said holding the cube in his hand. “Hey, dude no fair, that’s mine, hand it over” I said to him. “Um no, it’s mine” he said to me “is there a lapel on it” I asked him. “No, but it’s mine because I said so” he yelled, “alright, sheesh, don’t get sassy” I said “what a diva, am I right” I said to the alien. “Anyways, I dropped this before you exploded the robot ship” he said to me “aliens, blast him” he shouted as he went somewhere. Blaster fire went everywhere, I was able to dodge the bullets from them, and then I got an idea. I hid behind one of the bars and the aliens shot it so much that it broke, I quickly ran out and to him to stop him. Robots, aliens, destroy him” he said in the voice monitor, all of a sudden, aliens and robots came out of doors and started shooting. “Almost there” I said as I saw the door, then the floor started to break and it went falling. I jumped on the floor pieces to boost my way up. I landed in the door just in time. I found a bomb crater, got some bombs, and started walking, I saw a door that aliens and robots kept on walking out of. I walked slowly to the door, and then jumped out with a grenade in my hand and yelled “aha.” But it was the aliens/robots weapons room, I started running from LOTS of aliens and robots chasing me. I ran for 12 minutes straight, looked behind me, and didn’t see them. “I could’ve stopped running 7 minutes ago” I said to myself, “well now to go to him” I said as I walked to him.

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