The Odd Locker 1:The Locker

“Bring” went the bell as we headed out to lunch, “dude, are you excited about your own locker” my best Billy Bob asked me. “Ya” I told him, “well I’m going to go to my locker” he told me “ok” I said to him. When I got to my locker, it looked so cool, then I noticed a button in my locker, I pressed it and a trap door opened up in my locker ” oh my gosh, theres a trap door in my locker!” I yelled, I didn’t just tell someone, because then I couldn’t explore it, I decided to go into it. Their were stairs that went down, When I got down, their were writings from cavemen, and freaky, I could read it, “man, social studies was useful, good thing I paid attention” I said to myself and continued walking. But then the entrance ended, but I it had some strange writing on it. It said this, “when you read this, beware of the ancient curse, for an ancient evil will rome your planet, whatever you do, don’t press the button.” I did what it said and didn’t press the button, but then a rock fell and hit the button, “oh come on!” I yelled, then the place started to rumble “uh oh” I said as I ran out of there, when I escaped, the bell had rung “uh oh, I gotta run or I’ll be late” I said as I hurried to class not knowing what I’ve released, an ancient evil has rised.

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