The Odd Locker 2: The Robots

*2 weeks after the locker incident* “mom, I’m going to a party” I yelled up to her as I went out the door to the party, when I got their, it was so cool! It was a mansion, with a giant pool, a hot tub, service, etc. Everything was awesome, then I saw my best friend, Billy Bob, “cool party, huh” he said to me as we jumped on the couch, *36 minutes later* the door blasted opened and broke a window. Robots came into the house, they were red and black, and they were also big and they had blasters stuck to their arms. “Get out of my house or I will destroy you” said the owner of the house, one of the robots pointed its arm and shot the owner, the owner disintegrated into little small cubes. A robot came in, but it looked different, all of a sudden, its mask came off, the face had lots of scars, and looked scary. “I’m looking for the one that released me” he said, no one answered, he walked around, “fine, then let me take over your planet” he said as he and the robots left the place. Everyone went to panic mode, I quickly ran out to try and think of who that was, then I remembered the rhyme, I knew who that was, I quickly hurried to the school, but it was guarded by those robots. “How can I get into the school” I asked myself, then I saw a shovel, I dug a tunnel underground to my locker, when I hit my locker, I dug up, then I went into my locker. When I got down, 2 robots grabbed me out of know where and they brought me to their leader. “So, you thought you could just come and destroy me, huh” he said to me “well actually, yes” I said as I looked at one of the guards blasters. I grabbed it, shot the guard, and then shot the other guard, and then pointed it at the leader, “I’m warning you, if you kill me, you will get invaded” he said to me I shot him not taking any chances, “bring” went the bell “I gotta hurry” I said as I ran. But what I didn’t know, was that 370,000,000 million miles away from Earth, theres a planet that’s mad that I killed their leader and they seek revenge.

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