Alien 3: Return of Justin Bieber

*3 weeks after incident*. Ever since  I saved Earth, nothing has been going on, I was walking to lunch when I found a cube on the ground. It was green and black, their was a button on it, when I pressed the button, the cube stuck to me. “Sweet” I said as I took it off and walked to my locker. All of a sudden, I teleported to this HUGE ship! “What the, where am I?” I said while looking around and then saw Justin Bieber looking at me. “So, you still lived after the explosion?” I asked him “well why yes, I did” he told me, “but I can’t believe that you saved your planet from millions of aliens” he said to me. “Well hey, I saved my planet like James Bond did in the 2011 cowboys vs. aliens movie” I said to him and did 3 snaps. “Well I’m getting so sick of you, so, let’s dance” he said, “you got it” I said as I put on some of the popular 80’s songs. “No, I mean fighting” he told me, “oh, well you just killed music, and you make music, so wow!” I said, he quickly pressed a button and a huge iron cage fell on me. “ha ha, I have you trapped” he said to me “you  can’t get out”. “oh ya, how much you wanna bet” I said to him “what do you mean” he said. I put on that armour that I found earlier and broke open the cage, “guards, destroy him” Justin said as he ran out the door and then the door closed. Aliens started shooting their blasters at me, I found a statch of bombs and threw them at the aliens, they went flying everywhere! “I wonder if this armour can destroy this door here” I said to myself, I ran and face planted the wall. “oh wow, this armour sucks!” I said, I spent 3 hours trying to break out, then I yelled “open sesame!” And then the door opened up “oh come on!” I yelled as I started to run, I started to hallucinate of hunger. “Oh look, at donut remover, I need some donuts” I said when really the sign said do not remove. A piece of wall opened up and I started to go flying in space and that button started to let pieces of the ship fly away, meanwhile, I was heading towards Earth.

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