Alien:the beginning

“Beep beep beep beep beep beep!” was my annoying alarm clock beeping,I hit my hand on it to make it be quiet. I put on my close and then realized that it was my little brothers clothes on. I put my clothes on and was going down stairs when I tripped and fell down them. ‘Well that’s how you go down the stairs a quicker way” I said when I got up, I grabbed an apple and Headed out to the school bus. My best friend, Billy Bob, saved me a seat, “hey dude, another boring day at school, huh” he said to me “ya” I said back to him. But today was going to be a little bit different. When I was walking to class, I felt something moving in my backpack,  I opened it up and found a small green alien in my backpack! “I’m here with the others, my master sent leaders to guide us” he said I quickly grabbed a crowbar (which was just randomly on the ground) and whacked the alien, and he fell in an opened sewer ( which is again randomly opened, how bad is that for the community?) “Bring” went the bell “gotta go” I said as I rushed to class not knowing what was about to happen.

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