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The Strange Man: an unexpected invite (odd locker and alien series combined)

“honey, can you go get the mail” shouted my mom, “sure mom” I shouted back up, I went looking through when I saw this unusual letter addressed to me. I opened it up, and it said this: I know who you are, you have defeated my top generals, but now, its time for me to fight you, when you see me, your dead meat!” I gulped and went up to my room, put the cube in my school pants for tomorrow. *tomorrow* I was walking when I saw where Billy Bob had disintegrated, I was walking when out of know where, a huge explosion hit the ground by me and I went flying through the air and crashed through one of the classroom windows. “What in the world was that?” I asked myself as I looked outside to see what had happened, the aliens and robots had united! “How did they unite” I asked myself I looked for my cube ┬ábut it wasn’t their, “come on, where is it” I said as I was looking for it when I then saw it outside where the aliens and robots were blasting people. I didn’t run, I just walked, and out of all the blasters shooting, I didn’t get hit once! I picked up the cube and put it on me, “now this is more like it” I said. I hit a alien, grab its blaster, and started helping humanity, after a few minutes, I ran into the office to think. “Alright, I have to defeat them, but when their together, its almost impossible, but I can do it” I said as I got up. “For Sparta” I yelled, “wow, that was random” I said to myself, all of a sudden, a blaster hit me and I went flying through the air and hit the wall. Then everything started to turn black.