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Spy Guy 2:The Mission part 1/2

“Good shot” yelled Bobby Wobby, he and I were playing basketball outside at 1:12 pm on June 10th, the score was 25 to 0, I was winning. “Man, your good” he said to me as he started to pack up, then my phone rang, “yello” I said to my phone “get to the subway to SAM ASAP” said the caller and then hung up. I ran to subway,  “hi there, I would like a sandwich with tomatoes and lettuce please” I said to the person waiting for me to order. “Here you go” he said “thanks” I said to him, then I called SAM, “where are you guys, I’m at subway” I said  “why are you at subway, you should be at the subway with the trains, not the eating place” said the voice and then hung up.  I ran to the subway where the HQ is and ran straight into the wall, but face planted, “ok,wrong wall” I said feeling dizzy, “I just need to rest up against this wall” I said, but instead I went through it. “Ah come on” I yelled, then everyone was looking at me, “and that was the show for today, continue working” I said and then went to Samantha Corndogs office. “Quite a show you put on” she said to me “ah be quiet” I said “well anyways, the reason we called you here was because we have a mission for you, we want you to destroy a very dangerous criminal, he is located on a mountain in his HQ, destroy him” she said. “Ok, to the SAM car” I said “no, you can’t go there recognized, so you’ll be skydiving” she said, a smile grew on my face. “When do we start” “right now” “ok, I’ll get the rocket launcher” I said, “no you won’t, you don’t need one” she said “awwwwww” i said whining. *30 minutes later* I was over the base, “ok, ready to jump” I said holding a rocket launcher “what the, where’d you, never mined, just no rocket launcher” she said mad at me. “Fine” I said “suicide” I yelled as I jumped, when I opened up my parachute and landed, I got up from the snow and sneaked into the base (there weren’t any guards and the door was opened!) I found a computer and typed to see what was up. My eyes opened wide “oh my gosh!”


Spy Guy 1:Welcome to the Agency

“Bring” went the school bell, it was the last day of school and my best friend and I had raced out of there. “Next year, I’ll be in 11th grade” I said to my best friend, Bobby Wobby, “well I’m going to my house, see ya” he said to me as he ran off. I was walking home from school when I noticed that I was being followed, I ran around the corner to the street my house is on. When he turned I threw my backpack at him and then jumped onto him and said “who are you.” “Ow, my stomach” he said in a painful mood “I said, who are you” i repeated, “my name is Dodo, Dodo Tissue, and I’m from NASA” “Oh the space place” “no, theres 2 types, that place and the agencies, National Awesome Spy Agency” he said. “That’s a lie, where are you really from” I said “fine, I’m really from SAM, Secret Agent Missions” he said to me, still in pain. “Well what do you want from me” I said to him, “we want you to join the agency and do missions for us” he said “ok” I said. “Ok? no info. needed or gonna see if I am trust worthy?” He said in a mystery voice, “no” i said, “well, that went by quicker than I had expected it to be” he said and then continued. “Well then follow me to the agency” he said holding onto me, he directed me to the entrance of the place, which was at a subway station. “So where now” I asked him “Into that bathroom over there” he said, when we got there, he told me to go to the boys one. “So, wheres the entrance” I asked him “hm, oh the entrance isn’t here, I just needed to go to the bathroom” he told me as he went to the bathroom. *5 minutes later* he got out of the stall and then directed me to the real entrance, it was a wall, but you had to go through it. When we got there, I met the Samantha Corndog, head of the HQ “thank you for joining us” she said to me as she showed me around the place, but what I didn’t know was that the missions were going to be intense, but hey, thats another story.