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Spy Guy 2:The Mission part 1/2

“Good shot” yelled Bobby Wobby, he and I were playing basketball outside at 1:12 pm on June 10th, the score was 25 to 0, I was winning. “Man, your good” he said to me as he started to pack up, then my phone rang, “yello” I said to my phone “get to the subway to SAM ASAP” said the caller and then hung up. I ran to subway,  “hi there, I would like a sandwich with tomatoes and lettuce please” I said to the person waiting for me to order. “Here you go” he said “thanks” I said to him, then I called SAM, “where are you guys, I’m at subway” I said  “why are you at subway, you should be at the subway with the trains, not the eating place” said the voice and then hung up.  I ran to the subway where the HQ is and ran straight into the wall, but face planted, “ok,wrong wall” I said feeling dizzy, “I just need to rest up against this wall” I said, but instead I went through it. “Ah come on” I yelled, then everyone was looking at me, “and that was the show for today, continue working” I said and then went to Samantha Corndogs office. “Quite a show you put on” she said to me “ah be quiet” I said “well anyways, the reason we called you here was because we have a mission for you, we want you to destroy a very dangerous criminal, he is located on a mountain in his HQ, destroy him” she said. “Ok, to the SAM car” I said “no, you can’t go there recognized, so you’ll be skydiving” she said, a smile grew on my face. “When do we start” “right now” “ok, I’ll get the rocket launcher” I said, “no you won’t, you don’t need one” she said “awwwwww” i said whining. *30 minutes later* I was over the base, “ok, ready to jump” I said holding a rocket launcher “what the, where’d you, never mined, just no rocket launcher” she said mad at me. “Fine” I said “suicide” I yelled as I jumped, when I opened up my parachute and landed, I got up from the snow and sneaked into the base (there weren’t any guards and the door was opened!) I found a computer and typed to see what was up. My eyes opened wide “oh my gosh!”