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Why you don’t want to do tricks on your skateboard,scooter,bike,or roller-skates

Hey guys, do you have a skateboard, bike, scooter, or rollerblades, if you do, have you ever done a trick on them? If you haven’t, don’t try it! When you see people with no helmets on while their doing it, we all know whats gonna happen, their gonna crash, go to the hospital, and maybe live.When I was riding my bike, this guy was on his skateboard about to do an awesome trick when boom! He failed, no helmet on, and lets just say that you don’t want to know what happened next! And if my English/reading 6th grade teacher is reading this, their gonna love it! I was on my wagon one day just going down the drive way with a helmet one when boom! I got my head stuck under a car! And, I was walking to school one day when I saw a guy doing tricks on his bike, I went over to him and said, “I wouldn’t do those tricks if I were you, your gonna hurt yourself” and then walked away. Next thing I know, I here someone say “OW!” When I look behind me, I see that guy in pain, on the ground crying, so then I shout back, “I told you so!”Here’s a youtube video that’s funny and painful at the same time.