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Hey guys! Today I’m talking about why you should pay attention in school. I’m writing this because on the show Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader, some fifth graders are actually smarter than the adults! I’m very surprised at how a fifth grader is smarter the parent. But, you can also loose focus if something is boring and you fall asleep. If I ever get bored in class, I don’t fall asleep, because that gives you a train ride to trouble and detention. Also, I wonder sometimes in school, how would this be important in life, and when I ask the teacher, they just make the question even more confusing. I once was playing Roblox with a friend, and he said that he was playing from his laptop at school! I was like wow dude, how could the teacher not spot you with your computer, I mean, computers are huge, you must be in the far back, and would about the light coming from the computer?

That’s all I’ve got today, and when I said that the guy brought his computer to school, I was telling the truth, bye!