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How kids are smarter than their parents today

Yo yo wassup guy’s! I’m back! Today I’m talking about how kids are smarter than their parents. I came up with this one when I remembered a day that I was smarter than my mom! That’s right! I said it! So my mom learned about the canadian way while I learned about the american way! And she was born in Michigan! If you said too your kid before this, “I’m your mother/father, I know everything” well your about to be a fool if your kid remembers that and you say the answer wrong. So if your a parent reading this and you haven’t said this to your child, never say it! It will just come back and haunt you! Also, When they grow up, they will learn stuff that you won’t, so if you ask your child how you know that stuff, well then it’ll feel like your back at boring old school with al the kids sleeping, it’s like nap time in kindergarden, except your sleeping through learning. But if your child is a nerd at school, every time they talk about facts, just get a cake,pie and through it at them! And if they don’t be quiet, kick them out of the house for pete sakes! And if your saying something like, this, “but their my child” come on, we both know that you can’t stand being waked up and your child telling you facts. If you can’t do it, just call 911 and make up some reason and maybe if your smart enough, it will work! And if you have a problem with me, I will see you in court!