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Christmas kids

Hey guys! You may be thinking, Christmas kids? What the heck? Well, I’m about to tell you what I mean, you know some kids are like “when will Santa come Mommy!” And your like “honey, christmas is more than presents” and your kids like “No its not!” Isn’t it weird, I mean, would about the music and the shows etc. Or when the your child’s just wide awake in their bed, Their not really thinking straight, cause Santa would go to the tree, drop off the gifts, and leave straight, so really he just wasted time. Have you ever watched the movie: Arthur Christmas, well remember in the movie when the kid was awake and Santa was their in the room with him like, right their in front of him, how weird was that kid, I mean, Santa’s right there, and an elf is right over him! I’m was just so surprised!

Well that’s all I have, see ya!