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Hey guys! Today I’m talking about Bigfoot! Now, a lot of you might be thinking about why I’m writing about Bigfoot, well, first of all, Bigfoot, or should I say Bigfoot’s, they’ve actually found more than one Bigfoot. Bigfoot’s have been found everywhere in the world! Also, up close! Bigfoots could actually kill people, like this person was just in a taxi when a log hit the car and they say that she could have died! I’ve been interested in Bigfoot ever since I walk in my house to get some water and I saw the television show, Hunting Bigfoot. After I’m done writing this blog I’m going to watch 2 Hunting Bigfoot’s, one in Canada, and one in Ohio.I also found out that old Bigfoot’s have white skin!

That’s all I’ve got for you today, see ya tomorrow, bye!